Leasco Achievers on the Road to Morocco

Gatwick Airport was the departure point in 1972 for this picture. Left to right, Joe and Louise Buckman (LWT) Jennifer and Tony Hetherington (Software) Red Gallaher, Barbara Adams, Peter Hunt, Don and Pat Smith, Tony and Bella Covill, John Verbeek, A Stainer, Martin Cutler, Reg Morton, Caroline and Clive Tillbrook.


This trip was a well-earned reward for a number of the staff working on projects in the UK those that were working in Europe had to make their own arrangements.
And we did, I recognise David Markby, Martin Cutler and Tony Hetherington in this photograph but I have a problem with the others, anyone any input for me. Special awards were made at these events


Trip to Majorca for the team from 197 Knightsbridge, led by the great ringleader David Woodward