Slobs and Slags

We have been going since 1985 and have met annually every year and in some years we have had a reason to meet at other times. Generally, we have a date on the first Friday in December to have a drink and a general update on the activities of everyone and a gossip.
For those that cannot make the trip to Maidenhead they can lay awake with their ears burning for the conversation is nothing but lively. This last year due to the tracking ability of the Web the numbers of members have been climbing. So book yourself some attention by registering on the members tab.

The Temporary Acting President

All about Tropics

A shortened version of an article Published in the 28th September issue of TRAVEL NEWS
The KLM/Leasco 'Tropics' computer booking system for inclusive tours is well established in the Netherlands.
IVAN BERENYI has spoken to Dutch tour firms and retail travel agents and he reveals a few 'home truths' from staff and their on life with the Tropics. . .Holland's population and inclusive tours trade, at 13 million people and 800,000 annual bookings respectively, just about measure up to a quarter of their UK equivalents. Yet it is the Dutch who boast what is probably the most sophisticated computer based holiday reservations system in the world. Why should this be ? What is so special about the Netherlands ?What indeed are the effects when half a nation's tour operators suddenly start using a single, real-time computer system ? Does it change the pattern of agents' trade ?

Airtour/Nespanda—the first Dutch operator to 'go live' on December 1st 1972.
This whole story can be read on the website

HOAG Project

HOAG Huttenwerke Oberhausen AG to give it the correct title is in the middle of the Ruhr and smokes a lot. No clean air act there in the 1970's. It's been demolished now and for a while was the biggest blast furnace in Europe and that is BIG.

The team consisted of Mike Knight (PM) John Bradbury, Mike Oakes, Mick Daly, Jim Davis, ? Trundel, David Cook and Roger Panton