Dave Gibb
and Roger Panton then and now, the original was from the OUTPUT MAGAZINEthe colour is from one evening at the Red Lion in Hurley. We have moved to the Seven Stars along the Bath Road in recent years and perhaps we should move again. Does anyone have any ideas.....
Tim O'Regan organised a mini do on the occasion of the Brian Higgins visit this summer will there be others

   Paul Shimmel and Spud Spiers

Noel Jones on holiday in Namibia, at this point there are alleged to be large quantities of diamonds on the surface. Escorted by one of the many teams of professional tour guides and trackers. Our team was led by Mike King into the deserts and sands of the Kalarhi and the wilderness of Johanasberg. One can only guess at the shortage and privations suffered.

Anyone planning on an excursion to the south should make contact with the Kingo who is now resident in Cape Town and running his own on man version of SLOBS

Cass John, Mike King, Marian Buckley , John South
. John has managed to track down a couple of others that he has earmarked for guest appearances. Peter Smith Cullen of Tropics and Iran Air to name but one.

John Bowyer, Nick Chance, Chas Francis
What is Nick doing with is hand

Tim O'Regan the organiser of the Amsterdam trip and Jim Fleck who is still there

Saturday when a small number of Slobs decamped to the bar in Leicester Square for a warm up before Chinese and then an extended tour of the other watering holes. Present were Kingo, Tucker, Endicott, The Pit and Rog

Anne, Jenny, Chris, Noel more pictures in the news pages. The annual get together now is a planning meeting for future exploits of the Greying members. This Feb trip to old haunts in Amsterdam. Look at the events and make sure that we have some ideas. All new ideas are welcome and even some old ones.

Dave Gibb , Paul Garrett and Nick Chance